Boisson nutritionnelle - Herbalife - 550 gr

Barcode: 3277842048072 (EAN / EAN-13)

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Eigenschappen van het product

Hoeveelheid: 550 gr

Merken: Herbalife

Categorieën: Conserven, Kant-en-klaar maaltijden, Voedingsupplementen, it:Integratori

Herkomst van de ingrediënten: Mondo

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EMB code, FR 62.448.034 CE, 84 R 20.: CE

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Ingrediënten (Frans)

→ De ingrediënten worden geordend volgens belangrijkheid (hoeveelheid).

Isolat de protéines de soja (40 fructose, émulsifiant (lécithine de soja)/ polydextrose, fibres d'avoine, inuline, poudre de café/ huile de soja, épaississants (gomme guar, carraghénanes, gomme xanthane, pectine), son d'avoine, arômes poudre de cacao, concentré de protéines de lait, antiagglomérant (dioxyde de silicium), dextrose, citrate de calcium, colorant (caramel ammoniacal), phosphate de calcium, chlorure de sodium, huile de colza, édulcorant (acésuIfame-K), acide L-ascorbique, poudre de miel, acétate de DL-alpha-tocophéryle, fumarate ferreux, oxyde de magnésium, nicotinamide, persil en poudre (0,02 0%), papaye en poudre (0102 0%)/ oxyde de zinc, gluconate de cuivre, palmitate de rétinyle, D-pantothénate de calcium, cholécalciféroll antioxydants (palmitate d'ascorbyle, DL-alpha-tocophérol), carbonate de manganèse, chlorhydrate de pyridoxine, cyanocobalamine, riboflavine, chlorhydrate de thiamine, acide ptéroylmonoglutamique, iodure de potassium, sélénite de sodium, D-biotine. Conseil : pour les allergènes, y compris les céréales contenant du gluten, voir les ingrédients en gras. United States - EnglishToday I want to propose you to join Herbalife, as a privileged customer and to have attractive discounts for your personal savings. A saving of € 11.82 of the serum cream that received and proved its effectiveness. With the purchase of the "Privileged Customer" kit, he receives at his home 1 formula 1 Vanilla flavor and his personal identification code that allows you to order products directly from Herbalife Italia Spa, without intermediaries with a 22% discount on the purchase price . With the discount card "Privileged Customer" it does not sell anything but has discounts for its personal use of Herbalife products, whether you use them continuously or discontinuously, when it has the code signed by you, as if it were a discount card of the type you goes shopping, Herbalife recognizes her lifetime discount. THINK YOU REFLECT AND DECIDE 1 € SAVED is 1 EURO EARNED! Having done what I wrote and verbally told, she will receive a kit at home, with a backpack c ontaining the formula 1 with Vanilla and all she needs to take advantage of the discounts dedicated to her, directly from Herbalife. I will constantly follow her if she needs to. Think the wrinkle reducer serum you received costs you € 61.26 with the authorized Herbalife discount comes to pay you € 46.44 a savings of € 14.82 By activating the Online discount, you become a privileged customer, follow these few and simple steps: Go to the website Click on Become an Appointee or Privileged Customer - Online Request FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THIS PAGE AND ENTER THE CODES I HAVE WRITTEN Read everything right and click on start Fill in all the requested data Write in the box where you will be asked: Answer the question "Have you already purchased an Herbalife MHP from your sponsor: NO Click on Continue and enter all your personal data that Herbalife requires. Sponsor identification number: 25134628 The first 3 letters of the sponsor's surname: AND When you have finished filling in all the fields, Herbalife will issue you with an identification code to better recognize it when it goes to buy If you need assistance or to purchase even without authorized discounts, Herbalife can contact me at the aforementioned number. For a positive continuation we need the cooperation of both parties, at the moment I send you my most cordial greetings.

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Stoffen of producten die allergieën of intoleranties veroorzaken: Gluten, Soja

Sporen: Melk

Bevat mogelijk palmolie Niet veganistisch
→ De analyse is uitsluitend gebaseerd op de vermelde ingrediënten en houdt geen rekening met verwerkingsmethoden.

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Ultrabewerkte dranken en levensmiddelen
Ultrabewerkte dranken en levensmiddelen


NutriScore kleur voedingswaarde

NutriScore nutrition grade C

Voedingswaarden per 100 g

11 g Vetten in gemiddelde hoeveelheid
1.8 g Verzadigde vetzuren in gemiddelde hoeveelheid
13 g Suikers in grote hoeveelheid
1.3 g Zout in gemiddelde hoeveelheid

Vergelijking met de gemiddelde waarden van producten uit dezelfde categorie:

(3713 producten)
(29034 producten)
(48536 producten)

→ NB: voor elke voedingsstof is het gemiddelde niet dat van alle producten uit de categorie, maar dat van de producten waarvoor de hoeveelheid van de voedingsstof bekend is.

Voedingswaarden Als verkocht
voor 100 g / 100 ml
Voedingsupplementen Conserven Kant-en-klaar maaltijden
Energie (kJ) ?
Energie (kcal) 380 kcal +22% +332% +126%
Energie 1.590 kj
(380 kcal)
+22% +331% +128%
Vetten 11 g +41% +299% +69%
waarvan Verzadigde vetzuren 1,8 g -43% +199% -14%
Koolhydraten 20 g -16% +176% +23%
waarvan Suikers 13 g +45% +373% +470%
Vezels 20 g +182% +1.063% +1.070%
Eiwitten 40 g +23% +580% +481%
Zout 1,3 g +132% +79% +25%
Natrium 0,52 g +132% +79% +25%
Voedingsscore - FR 7 -8% +53%
Nutri-Score C -8% +53%

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